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Our company has won the love and recognition of colleagues in the rubber industry with the business policy of honest service, the business principle of respecting contracts and keeping promises, and high-quality products. Our company has first-class equipment in the renewable rubber industry. Technically, it employs famous experts in the national renewable rubber industry to guide production, and has a diligent and dedicated management team. All employees provide high-quality products for new and old customers with scientific management, rigorous and realistic working attitude and honest and reliable service concept. General manager Zhang Yinjing warmly welcomes new and old friends at home and abroad to visit us.

Contact: Zhang Yinjing 13503108565

Contact: Wang ruimin 15530027995

Tel: 0310-8801288

Email: 13739607419@163.com

Address: Quzhou Industrial Park, Handan City, Hebei Province


Contact: Zhangyinjing

Phone: 13503108565

Tel: 0310-8801288

Email: 13739607419@163.com

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